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About Us

WeWannaPlay, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.


WeWannaPlay, Inc. is currently a community focused organization only operating in Franklin County, Kentucky. The problem is not unique to our community and we would love to expand. If you want to start a branch in your community, contact us.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a unique and diverse group with each member bringing vast amounts of fundraising, civic, and community volunteerism to our organization. The Bylaws of WeWannaPlay, Inc. ensure that representation of each school, and the community at large, does not create any greater power or voting strength within the make-up of the Board.

2017 Officers
Jeff Howard, Sr. Representative - WHHS Chairperson
David Hecker Representative - WHHS Vice-Chairperson
Robert Hecker Founding  
Jim Tincher Representative - FCHS  
Zuri Johnson Representative - FCHS  
Melissa Payne Representative - FHS  
Anthony Russell Representative - FHS  
Cedric Ponds Coaches Representative  
Debbie Fisher At Large  
Frank Miklavcic At Large  
     -open-   Public Information Officer
Robert Hecker   Treasurer
Wynee Hecker   Secretary
Brice Schagane   Web Development


In the fall of 2009, with his youngest son soon to graduate from high school and feeling the need for a future benefactor of an annual golf tournament, Rob Hecker's idea of "WeWannaPlay" began to take seed. Further cementing this, was his witnessing a couple of young men coming out of a players' meeting in tears because their families had not paid the monies to a booster club for their extra uniform and jackets. These young men were humiliated, embarrassed, and had their "spirit packs" withheld because they had not came up with the $125 that was being asked of them.

With Rob having ties to all three of the local schools; being a graduate of Franklin County High School, sons having attended Western Hills, and with his oldest currently teaching at Frankfort High School; it was his ambition to have the community benefit as a whole from the proceeds of this golf tournament. It was at this time the idea of WeWannaPlay starting taking shape.

Rob gathered friends, coworkers, and others that possessed sports backgrounds, community awareness, and the vision needed to create something that to our knowledge had not been done before. Meetings were first held in the Fall of 2010 with an initial board being created and work beginning on the bylaws and incorporation process. WeWannaPlay thus became an official Kentucky incorporation in January of 2011.

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